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Moon Dignity Project

Women with bows would like to introduce this project as one of our movement features. Here is a little information about their goals and what your donations would be going towards.

Moon Dignity Project was created to bring respect and reaffirm the power of our Sacred Moon, while building relationships between Sisters, Two Spirit, and Trans Moon having Relatives Nation to Nation.

MDP strives to offer access at no cost to sustainable products, while combating “period poverty” within our Native communities.


We want to thank everyone that has liked and shared the page, along with those that have reached out to support the project directly. Moon Dignity Project (MDP) was created by Ami Lane Dayton and her daughter Christine Burgos Lane. We look forward to the growth and expansion of MDP and for more folx to join us in combatting period poverty, not just on Reservations but also within urban communities.

If you are interested in learning more about their projects please feel free to contact their team on Facebook

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