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Red Lake Treaty Camp

Women with bows would like to introduce this project as one of our movement features. Here is a little information about their goals and what your donations would be going towards.

Indigenous activists at the red lake treaty camp stand strongly to defend the Anishinaabeg treaty territory from being destroyed by the line 3 pipeline. This pipeline was built in 1961 and has many structural complications, despite the fact that this aging pipeline had ten times as many corrosion anomalies per mile than any other Enbridge pipeline, line 3 continues to ship crude oil from Alberta to Wisconsin.

On march 3rd 1991 the line 3 pipeline ruptured spilling over 1.7 million gallons of oil into the prairie river, since then the line 3 pipeline has had at least 15 large spills and continues to have more small spills than people can count. Now Enbridge is wanting to reroute the pipeline through the heart of Minnesota's best lakes and rice fields and through indigenous treaty land.

This pipeline has greatly affected the indigenous tribes who reside nearby and who are getting sick from the contamnated water. The land defenders at the red lake treaty camp are hoping to become a green/ solar self sustaining community, they are looking forward to building a solar shower house, compost toilet system, a solar powered kitchen and a greenhouse to grow their own fruits and vegetables.

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